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What’s required of our office to allow you to make claims submissions?

We require a copy of your patients insurance card front and back. We also can accept a  super-bill or walkout statement. Please send all documents to Accuclaims by efax.

How often do we send the information of the claims to Accuclaims?

We suggest sending daily, every other day, once a week, or as often as desired for your office’s needs. Generally speaking, the sooner it is sent to Accuclaims the faster the claim gets paid.

What percentage of claims are denied? What should I be prepared for when dealing with Accuclaims?

When your office sends Accuclaims the correct information we guarantee it is submitted with the utmost accuracy. Our software is 100% accurate and we triple-check all claims before submission.


  1. Your office sends Accuclaims the information by scanning then efaxing us the correct information.
  2. Accuclaims submits the claim using our proprietary software which catches errors and formats it for submission to the clearinghouse. The clearing house processes the claim and sends it to the insurance company for processing and payment goes directly to the doctor.